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this morning after being closed for four days for staff training after allegations that a teacher taped up a child for refusing to take a nap. >> president obama has arrived in israel, his first trip to the nation as president. is a is rallies are anxious to hear what obama has to say on america's commitment to the security of the jewish state. >> will be right back. that''s too much bacon.
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>> and go morning. the top stories that we are following this wednesday, march 20th a. a large fire is burning right now on bethel island, why is this is so hard for cruised to knock down. >> a preschool is reopening this morning after being closed for staff training after allegations that a teacher taped up a child for
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refusing to take a nap. >> we are seeing heavy rain right now north of the golden gate bridge. the showers will taper off. there is really nothing for the mid peninsula. it looks like rain is north of concord heading into walnut creek. as we turn our attention to the north bay this is such a waited along the coastline for moderate to heavy rain and it may impact highway 1 01. we will see off and on showers for today. it looks like we will see more sunshine as we head into the weekend. i will have full details coming up. >> as we continue to monitor a hot spot free ride around the bay. we have a
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little buildup in the volume. it is 11 to 12 minutes. the heaviest traffic is still on highway 4 and interstate 580. we are seeing a little bit of congestion on highway 1 01. the peninsula especially marin county is problem free. >> right now, contra costa county fire crews are working to contain off a house fire on the island. the 2 alarm fire broke out early this morning as one for 80 taylor st.. you can see where it is happening here on the map. >> there are a few reasons to why they are having a hard time battling the blaze. off crusaded there have a hard time because there are active power lies in the area, there are also no fire hydrants. pg&e says
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that some of the lines in the area are down at this hour. we have a crew headed to the scene and will bring you a live report as soon as it becomes available. >> three houses are on fire right now. >> a preschool and pleasanton is reopening today. it was closed for four days after one of their former teachers allegedly taped up a child for refusing to take a nap. kron4 will tran joins us at center. christian preschool. >> the police department has wrapped up their investigation and they have turned over their findings to the prosecutors. the prosecutor will determine what type charges will be filed. the school will we
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open. the school was closed down because they were shocked and they sent them to all of training and even brought in experts to talk to them and how to prevent this from happening. the former teacher went to a get together and she took out her cell phone and showed pictures of what she did. when she showed the pictures it was of the mother of one of the children. the mother called the police department. she was with the school since 2008 and she resigned earlier this year in january. when we spoke to administrators they stated that because of a case that cannot tell us why she resigned she was not fired. she is barred from going on campus and she
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cannot talk to any students. if she tries to apply to any her school they cannot hire her. >> for the third time in less than a week, portend a junior high in fremont was the target of a bomb threat. the most recent threat was monday afternoon. it turned out to be another false alarm. however, some parents are upset that they were not notified. >> i have a daughter that goes here the school is doing what they can possible to protect the students. >> fremont police stated that they all learned the public about the bomb threat and the school superintendents stated that day did not contact the parents because it was a false alarm. >> a train hit and killed a
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pedestrian on the caltran tracks in san jose. the person was hit by a northbound train near west virginia street. the train had recently left the tamien station, and there was only one passenger on board. several other trains were also delayed. full service was restored around 7:03 p.m. last night. >> president obama has arrived in israel, this is his first trip to the nation as president. this is video of his arrival from earlier this morning. israelis are anxious to hear obama from america's commitment to the security of the jewish state, despite his pairing
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with is a role prime minister benjamin netanyahu over the phipalestinian peace process. obama is also making trips to the palestinian authority and to jordan. >> we will be right back. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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>> welcome back to kron 4 news. the time is 6:09 a.m.. there are three fire said they're trying to contain in bethel island. this brought out about 2:35 a.m. this morning. you can see them in
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the upper left-hand corner of your screen. you can see the smoke and it is still dark outside. if there still try to get a handle on this. they are concerned about the power lines that are in the area. >> new this morning. general motors is recalling nearly 27,000 buick and cadillac in the united states if to fix a problem with automatic transmission. the recall affects, the buick lacrosse full-size cars and a cadillac as are x cross over suvs from the 2013 model year. the companies and says that a software problem can cause the transmission to and at board we shift into sport mold. that can
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unexpectedly override any slowing. it can also affect the transmission, and increase the risk of the crash. gm says that no crash or injuries have been reported. >> the bay area is set for a 90 mi. expansion of toll planes over the next three years and early results are positive. the toll lanes on interstate 880 and highway 237 opened a year ago today and revenue is more than 50% above projections. the extra funds will be used to build more toll lanes around the bay area. 21 percent of motorists in the carpool lanes are solo drivers willing to pay a toll. >> taking a look at the markets this morning. futures trading said show all three indexes are positive this morning. numbers were mixed on wall street yesterday. he even
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after lawmakers and cyprus rejected an unpopular bailout plan. here are the closing numbers. the dow was up three points. after being down as much as 70 points. the nasdaq lost 8 points and the s&p fell three points. opening bell is in about 15 minutes. >> we will be right back. [ male announcer ] you think you know me. i'm just red carpets, big spectacles and the a-list. that's only the beginning. i have more than one red carpet.
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>> the time is 6:15 a.m.. >> from this point on we are talking about scattered isolated showers. you concede there is rain off shore. this will impact the coast line shortly. also we are saying yellow on the screen indicating moderate to heavy rain. this is off highway 4 out an antioch towards pittsburg. as you drive into the sand marron valley, north of--you should drive with extra caution and use your windshield wipers. the wider view one satellite and radar shows that we are not done in the clouds will
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continue to strain man. and this is actually a relatively warm system. we are not saying too much in tahoe. they have just a couple of inches expected. as we take a look at the rainfall totals we have not seen that much. it is pretty steady and in the past 12 hours there was a 10th of rain for livermore and concord. future cast 4 shows that we pushed will continue to see showers throughout the course of the morning. by 11:00 a.m.. as we head into the afternoon the showers will taper off that we may see some breaks of sun. >> right now we're sitting in the 40's and '50's. upper 50s and low 60's for the afternoon. half moon bay
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will be coming in at 57 degrees. your kron 47 day around the bay shows that nice weather is ahead of us. we do have more on the web cloud cover for the next work week. i have been looking at some of the extended models and we will see more rain as we head into the ladder part of next week. the time now is 6:17 a.m.. >> we are watching the commute get heavy at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights have been activated. the drive time has grown to 14 to 15 minutes for the westbound ride. for 92 we still see a pretty good dry for 11 minutes. for your ride to the golden gate bridge. it is still an easy ride and in
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santa rosa we continue to have problems. there is a second accident that is tied up the drive. looking at the east bay traffic maps it is still a good ride from hercules to berkeley it is about 14 to 60 minutes. 680 looks good. 580 is ok through alta mount pass way. >> a transit check has good news. ace train one, two, three are okay. caltran and muni metro are not reporting any delays. >> authorities as san jose are searching for a student who was last seen camping monday night. gabriel lorette-smith is considered
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at risk. he was sighted monday night by police for e illegally camping at henry cowell state park but has not been seen since. he has brown hair and brown eyes, he is 5 ft. 10 and weighs 150 lbs.. >> california lawmakers are pushing for harsher punishments for people convicted of making false police reports. these calls also known as " squatting ". the term is used to describe a situation where police or first responders are sent on fake emergency calls. the subsequent response is used to disrupt an organization, like a school or to print a person. multiple celebrities have been victims of this. recently, a fake 9-1-1 call
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about a robbery at tom cruise as home. other hoax calls to the hoaxjusticalls were homes of justin bieber, ashton kutcher, the kardashian, among others. >> we have a new information about the marines were killed monday night following an explosion at an army depot and called on, nevada. yesterday's friends, family and the community gathered to honor them. release seven were killed and eight others were wounded. officials said that
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the cause of the blast was a 60 mm round that detonated inside of a move tartu. the military says the exercise was part regular training if that is required to maintain readiness. >> the pentagon is did ready for the start of " forced " for their work weeks. furlough notices will begin going out on friday. that is equal to a 20% pay cut for five months. the furloughs will affect most of the defense department 800,000 civilian employees. >> a huge blow for gun control activisadvocates. senate majority leader harry reid says that a bent on assault weapons will " not " be part of the gun control package that he is bringing to the senate floor. he says that
6:25 am
there is just not enough support. california senator diannenstein, who wrote the bill, says that she is promising to get a boat, and she plans to introduce the assault weapons portion of the bill as an amendment. >> while the part of the measure is in limbo. it is likely that the senate will vote on three other measures. a ban on high capacity ammo clips, a call for universal background checks, and stiffer penalties for gun trafficking. >>
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hundred and 80,000 worldwide, can be blamed over consumption of sweden bridges. their results were presented at this year's convention of the american heart association. if the study found that among the walls of 35 large countries, mexico had the highest death rates from sugarbeet drinks. the united states was third. the " american bridge association " and dismissed the research say that it was " more about sensationalism than science. " >> if you think a wild bird is too indulgent but you are sick of chicken sandwiches, bernstein is offering something new for the first time. turkey burgers! the miami-based company is rolling out the new cell which this week as part of its limited time offer for
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>> welcome back. you just saw the opening bell ring. we will see what happens as the numbers start to trickle in. >> we are keeping our eyes on the weather. >> storm tracker 4 still shows up shower activity north of the golden gate bridge. we are seeing
6:33 am
showers for some of the east bay interior valley. all this moisture that is coming then and you concede that it is making a beeline for the area. most of us will be catching a dry break. as we assume a and you can see the rain out an antioch and highway 4. we are same light rain for discovery bay and outdoors bread what. there is light rain north what novaof novato. the temperatures right now are in the 40's and '50's. it will be fifties to low 60's as we head into afternoon. there are changes to talk about for the weekend warm-up. >> we are mine and turn a pretty good ride. we have no hot spots. there is a
6:34 am
backups at the bridge and this is at the west bound area of the bay bridge. is about 15 minutes. it is slowing from the interstate 80. there are moderate conditions. it is still light to moderate conditions for the south bay. >> the time now with 6:31 a.m.. right now, contra costa county fire crews are working to contain fires at some homes on bethel island. if the 2 alarm fire broke out this morning at 1480 taylor street. its spread to other structures. there are three homes that are now on fire. there also was an issue with the power lines and the lack of fire hydrants. >> to get you more news
6:35 am
faster, we will go to our so low reporter jackie sissel who is live on bell island. >> when day came out here they saw that this structure was on fire. they attempted to fight this book than a power line fail. if they stated that they had to back a way. this is a three story second house and at this point this is when the fire spread to the second house. they were unable to fight a duel to the power lines. eventually, the fire is still b (...) morning. they stated that they cannot get inside an issue concede the one truck on the left is completele. as ye
6:36 am
towards the left is completely destroyed. they have been out here for several hours and they hope that they can start to put water on this home. to recap, there are only two structures that are affected by this fire. >> when a fire breaks out at 230 in the morning you do expect people to be running out of their home. as everyone okay? >> i do not see any residents. i am at 8 of a mile away from the scene. they are keeping us away from the fire. i have not seen in the residence and i
6:37 am
know it did happen early this morning. no one has any injuries due to this. >> a developing story out of san jose. police are looking for a gunman who they say shot a man in an apartment drive-by shooting. if this happened near fisher middle school at 1720 hopkins tried. police said that the victim between 18 and 20 years old was standing on the sidewalk when a light- colored car drove by and someone opened fire. the victim remains in the hospital this morning. their condition remains unknown at this time. >> the shooting happened just about 2 mi. away from monday's deadly officer involved shooting. this is video from our helicopter
6:38 am
partnership with abc 7 news. in this case, officers were chasing a stolen car and opened fire on the driver when he tried to run over an officer. if the passenger in the stolen car is now facing several charges. >> city leaders in santa clara believe that they are one step closer to getting a super bowl 50 in 2016. city council members unanimously approved a measure tuesday that exams the nfl from paying millions of dollars in exchange for santa clara to host the super bowl. as part of the measure, hotel taxes and those with the nfl will be waived as well as to tax surcharges that would go to funding the new stadium. while santa clara's mayor said the money will been made back from the private donors and from filling the hotels, some community member say that they are still not happy
6:39 am
with the city's decision. >> santa clara is a competing with miami for the 2016 super bowl. miami however, chose not to give in to these requests that were made by the nfl. santa clara's mayor believes that the move puts the city in a prime position to get the big game. the nfl is not expected to make their decision on a location until late may. >> we will be right back. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ >> welcome back. the time is 6:40 a.m.. affordable housing has become a hot- button issue in the town of danville. some residents are unhappy about the city's plans to require more affordable housing.
6:43 am
residents spoke of last audited town council meeting about danville's plan to set aside land for four or housing. those against the plan said that though for the house and would take away from danville's small- town feel. they point to neighboring communitiescautiona >> this does not contribute to the vision. >> the town council has little choice in the matter. state law requires the communities to set aside land designated for affordable housing. >> a man convicted an essay elaborate condominium fraud case in san francisco has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. 48 year-old jay
6:44 am
sah convicted of taking control of a woman's three luxury condos, taking out loans against the properties, and laundering the money through shell companies. shah is ordered to pay a $14.1 million fine, nearly triple the amount taken in the scheme. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. the time now is 6:44 a.m.. here is a quick look at some of the top stories the we are following. firefighters are still battling a 2 alarm fire that spread to three homes on bateau island in contra costa county. this happened around 2:30 a.m.. crews say that they are having a hard time to contain the fire due to
6:48 am
active power lines in the area, there are also no fire hydrants. >> here is it looked at san jose a you may need sure windshield wipers. >> the show our chances will continue to decrease. you concede that there is more sure off shore. the chance for rain is isolated and will continue until the early evening hours. we still macy's sunshine for the afternoon. storm tracker 4 shows that the rain is in the east bay. we have tried things out for highway 4 and concord headed into walnut
6:49 am
creek. wheat we jesse coastal showers. as we turn our attention to the north bay we are experiencing yellow on the screen to indicate a moderate rain. when it shelled wipers are necessary down highway 101 and approaching the golden gate bridge. >> here is the wider view. this is of relatively a warning system. you can see that there is a lot of cloud cover that is associated with this. most of the rain is all said and done. future cast 4 shows that about 8:00 a.m. it will be light showers and by 10:00 a.m. we may see light rain for the delta. the showers will taper off as we head into afternoon when and we may see some partial clearing.
6:50 am
we have already seen at a 10th of an inch of rain out in concord. temperatures right now are in the 40's and '50's. antioch's at 51 and your current degrees are upper 40's for daly city. there will be plenty of 60's for the afternoon. cupertino will comment at 64 degrees and upper 50's for some of the east bay spots. vallejo come in at 57 degrees. it will be low 60's for castro valley and downtown san francisco will be checking in at 57 degrees. >> if you are headed up to tahoe we are expected about 3 in. of new snow. there is not too much snow and the snow levels are already quite high. your afternoon high will be in the low to mid 50s and kron 47 day
6:51 am
around the bay shows wet weather is on the schedule for today and thursday however will have high pressure and will be mainly clear. friday, the winds will coming from the north and will keep temperatures warm. saturday and sunday look pretty nice temperatures around seasonal. we may have light rain for portions of northern california. as we start the next work week we may see some extended rain and i will have more details of this coming up. >> we continue to preside over a come commute. we are seeing the volume slowly building. the westbound ride is 16 to 18 minutes depending on your approach. the san mateo bridge had a slight increase. they're
6:52 am
still that 11 minutes. the golden gate bridge for 1 01 southbound is still pretty light and they have no delays across the span into the city. into the east bay we may be looking at our first hot spot. it is reported that olympic boulevard or ride at the 24 interchange on 680 south there is an accident in one of the lanes, but chp did not state that the signallers needed to be activated. i will keep my eye on this as a potential hot spot perry ed there are no surprises and the drive time is 17 minutes from kyle the valley. the marin ride is still under 25 minutes. >> it is a retirement crisis that is plaguing the country. an increasing
6:53 am
number of american workers say that they are concerned about their retirement savings, even in a rebounding economy. according to a new survey by the employee benefit research institute: 28% of americans are not confident about their retirement savings. the highest that numbers have been 23 years. more than double was back in 2007, when only 10 percent of americans were worried about having enough for their golden years. additionally, nearly half of the respondents say that they were either " not too confident " or " not at all confident " about the actual amount they have saved. surprisingly, a majority are reporting their savings and investments are less than $25,000, which many have been less than $1,000 available. >> a palestinian girl many
6:54 am
view as a hero has returned to school for the first time, since she was attacked by television and militants. malala yousufzai shot in the head last october, because of her support for girls' education. she is not attending school in england, where she has been receiving medical treatment. she is excited to get back into the classroom. >> i want to learn how to bring a change in the world. >> she improved through numerous surgeries and she
6:55 am
had have to operations to prepare her scattered skoal. she was walking by the time she was released in february. >> they are calling it " doomsday " or " armageddon " scenario, a mass of asteroid is hurtling towards the earth. this sounds like a blockbuster movie, but it is the hot topic on capitol hill. nasa is talking about what we can do about it, if any. congress has ordered nasa to track objects that are big enough to wipe out a city. experts say that i object as large as a car enter our atmosphere about once per week. nasa just wants to be ready. so far, no real solution, but they are working on it. >> the time is 6:53 a.m..
6:56 am
here is a live look at our san francisco camera. >> it is a little wet as we clear out the rain. we will be right back. what's truly amazing about mercedes new mbrace2 system... is i can follow all my sports... catch the latest breaking news... keep in touch with friends... follow the financial headlines...
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>> it is going to be quite a bit longer before anyone will be able to get a table at the cchez panisse restaurant in berkeley. the damage from a march 8th fire turns out to be worse off than they initially thought. the front part of the building surrounding here by a scoffing will have to be torn down and rebuilt. other structural work is also need

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